Well, let me state something in advance:

Especially in here Germany talks about paying and getting paid always tend to become uncomfortable and unpleasant. Sometimes I even start to think by myself: "Hey, you can't possibly charge someone for that...". Love and tenderness are so fundamental essentials for every human being - how can I take money for that???
Gosh - big problem...
Because ? I also have to pay my rent, buy food, the kids need clothing and equipment for school and sometimes I even want to enjoy something like, say, visiting a cinema.

Just then I remembered what money really is and always was: A means of exchange.
Nothing more, nothing less!

You'll get something beautiful from me and I in exchange get something from you, that I can exchange for something I fancy (food, residence, etc.) later on.

You care for my financial well-being and I want to express my sincere gratitude to you at this point.
(Besides, you are going to support, represented by me, a couple of social projects I'm going to tell you about on my website eventually.)

The nearness and love you receive during the massage aren't something money can buy.
That doesn't work out - one does get it for free or not at all.

You quasi "pay for my time" and my charges are as follows:

1 hr. 100,- Euro
1 1/2 hrs. 150,- Euro
2 hrs. 200,- Euro
2 1/2 hrs. 250,- Euro
3 hrs. 300,- Euro
3 1/2 hrs. 350,- Euro

Starting with 1 1/2 hrs. massages time body to body and prostate massage are included if so desired.

Longer massages as e.g. 3 or 3 1/2 hrs. are usually made up of various elements and include a small break during which tastily appetisers or gladly some sparkling wine will be served.

Preceding to your massage you can also book some special treatment like a soapy massage or a full body peeling. This will be charged with 20,- Euro extra.

Please, make your appointment in time.

Your massage partner can be either male or female (Man/Woman, Woman/Woman, Man/Man).
My massages are equally suited for men as well as for women.

Usually I give my massages on a futon.

It is possible to receive your massage on a massage table, if you prefer it that way. Please tell me so when booking in order to give me the opportunity to prepare the room accordingly.

In case of allergies against rose petals, ice cubes, latex or whatever, please tell me so BEFORE the session starts. Also let me know beforehand, if you're pregnant.

My massages are no substitute for any kind of medical or therapeutical treatment.

I want to point out that my massages are under no circumstances some concealed invitation for intercourse, petting, or oral sex.

Sensual touching given by me as your masseuse happens with the awareness of the unity of sexuality and spirituality with the goal to let you experience this unity - by receiving a massage - with your body, your soul, and your spirit.