At my location I pay very much attention for cleanness and hygiene.

Articles of daily use will be instantly cleaned and disinfected, towels and pareos washed and flushed with disinfectants.

There will be a fresh towel ready for you always, as well as a disposable tooth brush and razor, deodorant, cr?mes, hairdryer, and alike.

You can take a shower before and after the massage.

Please prepare to take enough time. I appreciate to take my time for you, and this includes a possibly long preliminary talk and resting time after the massage.
It is important that you come to a rest after arriving.

The preliminary talk is also important in order to find out whether everything feels right for the both of us and the massage can begin or if it would rather be advisable to cancel the session.

Only the time spent for the massage itself will be charged, consider the rest of the time of your stay as a gift from me to you.

One of my goals is that you arrive as a stranger and leave as a friend.
I quite often achieve this and so we often sit together, look at holiday pictures or have breakfast together some day. Whatever time brings.

But: Important to know that there always has a certain distance to be kept between us.
I mention this, because once in a while a client thinks he falls in love with me. This leads to an aching heart and I want to prevent you from this.
So, remember this:
During a session you are one of the most important people of all for me, after that it's my family again.

Only recently someone told me: It feels as if one visits a good friend.

And this is how it should be.

I am looking forward to meet you.

(feel the spirit of magic hands)