Please make your appointment by phone!

Phome: +49 - 30 - 36 40 93 60
Cell: +49 - 163 - 37 70 811

At this point we emphasize that any kind of sexual exchange (f.i. orally or genitally) as well as any kind of mutual touches are not possible. Any attempt from your side to break this rule will lead to an instant break off without refund of fees.

Please book in time (1 or 2 days in advance, if possible). You can make your appointment by phone in English or German.

Ring at "Klaus".

(You'll have to climb a couple of stairs. If this is impossible for you for whatever reasons, please tell me so on the phone. I'll try to care for a facility accessible for handicapped, then.)

It is advisable to use public transport or a cab for your way to us.

The parking situation in our area is rather typical for Berlin center areas ? sheer luck is kind of essential...