MadanaMagic Hands Berlin... who or what lies hidden behind this name???
And what is all the fuzz about???
All Tantra or what???

Questions and even more questions... and this is the answer:

Magic Hands was founded a couple of years ago by me (Madana). The idea and the goal was (and is now), to give man closeness, strength, and tenderness.
To put it into one word: Love.

Because I believe that our society suffers from a deprivation of love and attention.
Much, by far too much,

  • must happen instantly
  • has to be enforced
  • is expected
  • is demanded
  • has to be pushed by sheer force

and so on and so on...

We hurry and chase for the perfect. But the question remains: What about ourselves???
What about the essentials? What's left, how so often, scorched earth.
Broken marriages, broken people, burn-outs, and inner emptiness. And the vague longing for the "there ought to be something more". Our sexuality as well depraves to a product to be consumed.
Just take it and that's it.

There may be people who like and want it just like that. All right, I can accept that.
However, that's not my cup of tea. Thus, this very personal style of my homepage.
If you feel addressed by it, then... yes, then we can get in touch..

As for me, I have been able to learn a lot about myself recently (I want to express my gratitude to my partner at this place, as well).

The massages I give mean very much to me.
Because the receiving person means very much to me.
I like to refer to my parlour as being "my Baby".

For a while I tried to expand the parlour and organize it business like.
So far, so good. Or wasn't it? I noticed an increasing loss of strength.
More and more I lost contact to my very own roots...
Eventually I arrived at the decision to quit it completely.
My Baby was dying; I couldn't take it any longer.

Tears and despair gained control and eventually I reached THAT state:
This is no longer what I wanted and was able to do!!! Oh my... what next?

Well, this is the result →

From now on I don't want to use the phrase "tantric massage" no more. It's not that I think, I'm not going to give tantric massages any more. Oh no, I do still believe doing so (giving tantric massages). It's just... the way I understand it and the ways others do, are - well - colliding worlds, otherwise very much apart.

For me, a good tantric massage means accepting the person, attention and tenderness;
to love and to care for a human being. To be close to someone, to let him or her bodily experiences, to gather strength.
This is how I see it. Others may look upon it differently - but this is just my point of view.

A different point of view of some could be:
An erotic massage, covered with or by some esoteric sugar icing, coming with a certificate of purity.

I'm sorry, but this is something I don't want to live. It's something I'm not really able to give, as well. Usually your whole body is going to be touched and massaged, possibly including your genital areas.
Again, this is possible, but not at all mandatory.
If it turns out during the massage that your issues are completely different ones, it may well be that I just hold you in my arms for an hour to let your tears allow flowing freely.
Sometimes a massage becomes very dynamic and rhythmic. Sometimes erotically beguiling.
Sometimes it's very soft and soothing. Sometimes you reach a climax and sometimes you don't. It all depends upon what's up for you right then and fits to the state you're in.

Some people tend to drift away into some inscrutable esoteric sanctums, neither doing any good for them nor for their surroundings, even up to wreaking havoc.

All I can say at this point: I am a sound realist with my feet firm on the ground of facts.

Warm hearted and caring, but always in my Here and Now.

In all the years of my work I experienced usually two reactions upon me.
There are those calling me a goddess and the best masseuse upon earth, and there are the others thinking about me as being the most boring and incompetent masseuse of all.
In other words: All or nothing at all!

My massages are a kind of experiment. For you as well as for me.
Neither of us can possibly know what's going to happen.

It would be just fine, if you come without fixed expectations. To give us and the massage time and space to see if something develops and what that would be.

If you, however, have a fixed idea and are looking for the erotical kick, I kindly ask you to refrain from making an appointment with me.
The both of us would be disappointed, and to be honest: You're going to get what you want faster and cheaper elsewhere.

One more thing: I treat all my clients with esteem and respect.
However, that's something I expect from you as well. (Yes, I actually do expect something ;) ... )

This includes not to be pressed for time. Please plan your appointment with me in advance.
Of course there is a chance to accept an appointment at short notice (say, within the hour), but wouldn't it be much more convenient, if you and I can really prepare for the session?
I like to really care for my clients, including for instance to get selected oriental sweets or to prepare a nice bath of rose water for the washings.
Give me some time for my creativity and my wish to create a unique massage for you.

Please consider as well, that I am giving one massage a day at most.

So → please make an appointment in time.

Btw.: Calls serving the purpose to find out about my cup size or questions about my pubic hairstyle are considered completely useless ;-)